Longhorn Engraved Metal Buckle


LONGHORN BUCKLE 1-1/4″ engraved base metal buckle on a BLACK MATTE ALLIGATOR belt.

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Brings back memories of wandering the desert in search of food. But that's another story! This strong and sturdy buckle is solid base metal with an laser engraved with a picture of a longhorn This buckle measures 2" by 3-1/4" from top to bottom and side to side at the highest part of the curve. It features a swivel back bar to attach an 1-1/2" belt to. It also has a strong post to secure to the belt.

Custom engraving options

We have the ability to engrave images or lettering onto our metal buckle products. A vectorized image is needed to have this done. The image should be emailed to kalifanobeltsandbuckles@gmail.com. Lettering can be done without a vectorized image. Only font and sizing is needed. The image or lettering can be placed on one of our existing buckle sets for a $30 fee. Or it can be placed on one of our base metal buckle blanks for a $20 fee. Turnaround time 14 days.

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