Professor Snape inspired Engraved Metal Buckle


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This strong and sturdy buckle is solid base metal with an engraved picture of Professor Snape from Harry Potter and his iconic sentiment of love towards Lilly Potter. This buckle measures 4" long and 3" from top to bottom at the highest part of the curve. It features a swivel back bar to attach an 1-1/2" belt to. It also has a strong post to secure to the belt.

Custom engraving options

We have the ability to engrave images or lettering onto our metal buckle products. A vectorized image is needed to have this done. The image should be emailed to Lettering can be done without a vectorized image. Only font and sizing is needed. The image or lettering can be placed on one of our existing buckle sets for a $30 fee. Or it can be placed on one of our base metal buckle blanks for a $20 fee. Turnaround time 14 days.

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